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Teknodrom respects your personal privacy right.This policy summarizes what kind of  personal idendification can be obtained and  how to be used this information.

This policy also describes  the other significant matters related to personal privacy.

Web Site user can visit the site pages without giving any personal information,get information about our services, Access our corporate knowledge and also you can benfit from our another services located on this web site.

On the other hand,It may be some fields needing your registration in order to reach some sections and benefit from services;you are asked to give your personal information in these fields.

All passwords are kept within a coded field in order to prevent  the loss of information,unauthorized modification of information and change without permission.

It is possible to reach,change and update the sections  later where  information is gathered .

Personal information such as E- mail adress,mailing adress,phone number  is only be used to contact in the process of Standard site membership,and e- new sletter subscrciption and this information is saved to database only if when  the visitors  coming to the stage of being customer log in the relevant form with their own initiative.

Personal information of the users and other log in  to the system will be used to verify the identity of the person in case of necessity.

It is impossible for any other membership to gain knowledge about you and change them.

Along with the cancellation of your membership,All your information saved to the system will be deleted.

Teknodrom guarantees not to sell your information in no way to third persons and/or institutions,that is gathered in Standard procedure.

In addition ,any  criminal investigation within  documented research license,Teknodrom can get the requested information to the relevant authority ,

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Any sites not beginning with www.teknodrom.com can?t be affiliated with Teknodrom.

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