Mapvision is the World’s only 100% x 100% inspection system. Mapvision Quality Gate is a revolutionary quality control system. It is designed for automatic 100 % inspection directly on the production line. This unique true multi-camera technology brings considerable benefits for industrial manufacturing.
    Mapvision Quality Gate is flexible and quickly programmed for rapid changes in the measured production part. Real time measurements with easy-to-understand result presentation makes it possible to adjust production process instantly and thereby can significantly reduce the time and cost of production launch and ramp-up.
      Extremely flexible
    True multi-camera technology allows unlimited amount of different products and variants to be measured and inspected cost effectively in the same system. Product changes can be done without hardware changes, only by modifying software.
      Better quality, more profit
    True 100 % inspection - 100 % of features of 100 % of production parts - ensures that no defective products are delivered to end customer. Instant production process information gives fast reaction time for process disturbances. Comprehensive and easy-to-understand information reduces scrap and re-work costs. Less costs of bad quality leads to more profitable business.

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