• 9001-engTeknodrom Robotics & Automation INC.

    To perpetuate customer pleasure by increasing continuously the quality of our product and system with special solutions in the field of Robotic Automation.

    To be the solution partner to our customer with our R&D studies by following closely the technological developments.

    To form policies that enable the permanency of the company and future assurance of the employees.

    With the life enthusiasm reconciled with environment ,to carry all the employees to the future in the level of partnership together with the conscious of quality and customer.


    *Exact customer pleasure,

    *To increase technology and quality,

    *The attandance and education of employees,

    *The pleasure of employees,

    *To give out the conscious of protecting environment,

    *Supplier union,

    *Constant recruitment based on innovation.

  • 18001-engOur basic policy is committed to all our work as TEKNODROM ROBOTICS AND AUTOMATION IND. AND TRADE. Inc.

    To give the necessary training so as to be aware of our company,our employees and our cooperative firms regarding occupational health and security

    To take any precaution in accordance with the legal requirements of Occupational Health and Safety in force so as to ensure health and safety of our employees, suppliers, cooperative firms and visitors

    To keep continual improvement the performance and effectiveness of occupational health and safety system

    To show performance beyond the legal requirements regarding Occupational Health and Safety


    * Zero Occupational Accidents

    * Employees involvement and Education

    * Our suppliers and our cooperative firms involvement and education

    * Complete practising the legal requirements of occupational health and safety

    * Continual improvement

  • 14001-engOur basic policy is committed to all our work as TEKNODROM ROBOTICS AND AUTOMATION IND. AND TRADE. Inc.

    * To give the necessary training with a view to improve the enviromental conscious and to raise awareness of their individual responsibility of our employees,suppliers and cooperative firms.

    * To give the performance beyond the relevant enviromental regulations.

    * In our new investment and projects,to benefit from technologies giving the minimal damage to enviroment and to make an improvement with the aim of minimizing enviromental damage.

    * To improve a new Technologies,production systems and machines removing the harmful effects and protecting the enviroment.

    * To minimize the effect on enviroment by reducing the usage of industrial wastes,natural sources,energy

    * To continually enhance the performance and efficiency of our enviromental management system,


    * Decrease wastes and packages usage,

    * Develop methods for save the natural resources,

    * Employees’involvement and Education,

    * Our suppliers’ and our cooperative firms’ involvement and education,

    * Complete practising the legal requirements of environment