ikTeknodrom Robotics and Automation Industry Cor. is structured on ensuring customer satisfaction to draw up the standarts above in all areas of its activity,enhance existing processes,develop new products/systems and Research and Development.

Our human resources policy in line with this strategy is to meet the demand for manpower need to reach targeted strategy and agendas and so use of this power is to be evaluated in most efficient manner and is to ensure continuation of it.In this context;

By offering helathy,safe and peaceful working enviroment for our employees is to keep their motivation at high level.By providing continuous training for our employees is to enhance their/knowledge/skills and to provide an opportunity for imroving themselves.

It is to carry out Human resources policy which our employees will have “human” and continuous improvement oriented point of view.

Creating the equal opportunity among employees. Following up opaque and honest view of management policy for our employees. To raise up the social responsibility , social awareness and enviromental awareness for our employees.

To review continually,update,and develop human resources policy; are our basic principals as Teknodrom.