greenTeknodrom’s Sensitive Approach to Environment

Teknodrom designs each phase of its activities for a more natural and greener environment. Sensitive approach to environment is embedded in every stage on the life-cycle of our products, from developing to manufacturing and untill the end of life of the product. To accomplish this, the World-accepted ISO 14001 Environmental Management System is implemented in Teknodrom facility in order to adhere to most up to date rules on environmental issues.

Minimum raw material and resource consumption in products and minimum energy consumption during the life cycle of the product is targeted and supported by most current and innovative engineering.

Minimum resource usage is also realized by minimizing production cycle times in the production line. All components of the production line such as robots, positioners, sliders etc. are chosen as to provide maximum energy usage efficiency throughout the life time of the production line. Led lighting is preferred in our cabin and panel equipment for better lighting and less power consumption.

Recyclable materials are used in products. Special care is taken as not to use materials which are not naturally recyclable such as lead.

All kinds of recyclable waste in the offices such as paper, batteries etc. are collected and delivered to recycling centers. Employees are organized and encouraged to use the company recycle collection facilities for their similar wastes from their homes. Office and factory areas are designed to use maximum amount of natural sun light and power consumption is minimized by using the most up to date technology air-conditioner, heating and cooling systems.

Sensitive approach to environment is an un-ending continuous effort. Teknodrom systematically follows the development of new ways and technics in this area and transfers them to its products and processes.

Every individual in Teknodrom family is sensitive and friendly to environmental issues and act in the most responsible way for it.